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As a part of our mission to make the world a better and safer place for everyone, Sahara Shops is sending 5% of our sales to third-world countries all over the globe for education, food & housing for orphans and widows, and supplies for the homeless & impoverished. Just by supporting our business, you are supporting the needy and hungry everywhere, but if you'd like to further contribute to our mission, please donate to our cause and take part in helping those who need your support the most. Donating to our causes is a form of Sadaqa Jariya, which is a charity that continues to be of benefit to others, such as education. Education and knowledge continues to benefit a person throughout their life, and when they pass it on, it benefits others and the benefit goes on and on throughout generations. Sadaqa Jariya also benefits the person who is giving it by being a continuous reward for them throughout their life and even after their death.

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