• Sidr Oil 30mL
  • Sidr Oil 30mL
  • Sidr Oil 30mL
  • Sidr Oil 30mL
Sidr Oil 30mL

Sidr Oil 30mL

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Product Description

Sidr Oil is used as a kind of ancient shampoo to clean and scent the hair, also used for massage and pain.

Hemani Sidr Oil Blended with Olive Oil

Botanical Name: Ziziphus Spina-Christi

Hemani Sidr Oil is 100% Natural

The oil is extracted from the leaves of the Sidr Tree (Jujube Tree)

These leaves are rich with nutrients including essential proteins and many minerals that are very useful for Medicine and Beauty purposes.

Following this, he should drink three sips of that water and shower with it and by the permission of Allah, everything that he was afflicted with will be gone.

Instruction for use: Simply apply to affected areas or any areas where there is pain

External use only. Do not ingest.

Ingredients: Sidr Oil, Olive Oil

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